Apple Watch 2 Starting Price Could Be More Than Its Predecessor’s – Here’s Why


Apple Watch 2 is expected to come with a lot of features that its predecessor does not possess but that is not the reason why the wearable could possibly end up being more expensive than the original Apple Watch. No, one reason why the second smartwatch from the tech giant might carry a larger price is because of a massive change thanks to a different hardware approach which you will find out shortly.

Apple Watch 2 Starting Price Tag Could End Up Being More Expensive Than Its Predecessor Because To A Different Display

In our previous report, we stated that Apple could rid of the battery issues of its first wearable with the announcement of Apple Watch 2. This could take place thanks to the incorporation of MicroLEDs, which are going to be far more efficient than the traditional LCD displays that Apple has been using for quite some time now in its mobile devices. While incorporating MicroLED displays inside a wearable is going to be quite expensive, it possesses more than its fair share of advantages, which have been listed below:

  • Richer colors
  • Faster refresh rates
  • Lowered power consumption
  • Thinner size

These are the famous attributes of MicroLED displays that will compel Apple to incorporate such a display. Additionally, Apple is most likely going to partner with the likes of Samsung and LG to mass produce the company’s OLED screens in order to enter a better negotiation deal for acquiring an abounding number of OLED displays. Now, it appears that a variant of this particular display technology is going to be ported to the Apple Watch successor.

Apple Watch (3)

One of the biggest gripes of owning an Apple Watch was its battery life and minuscule amount of storage, and as its successor is going to be rolled out, we expect that future software updates, a larger cell, and more storage will obviously contribute to a better experience. We expect that Force Touch is going to be retained, along with the form factor of the wearable, which is currently available in the 38mm and 42mm versions.

There is also a chance that Apple Watch 2 could feature a cellular modem but we are going to remove this from the rumor equation because it would mean that majority of the consumers would see no reason to purchase an iPhone, irrespective of the larger screen size that you get in return. For the time being, Apple has probably intended its Apple Watch 2 to be an extension of your iPhone so a cellular feature is definitely out of the cards.

Apple Watch (2)In order to add more appeal to the wearable, Apple has also been reported to partner with companies like Hermes to bring custom watch bands in the foreseeable future. What other features do you feel are going to be a part of the upcoming wearable? Let us know your thoughts immediately.