Apple Supplier to Increase VCSEL Production Meaning All 2018 iPhone Models Could Get Face ID


Apple is currently partnered with the second largest supplier of vertical cavity surface emitting laser arrays, or VCSEL for short. The supplier’s name is Finisar and according to the new move the manufacturer has pulled off, it might mean that the iPhone models for 2018 might get some significant upgrades, which you will find out shortly.

Finisar Announced the Acquisition of a 700,000-Square Foot Plant, Meaning TrueDepth and Face ID Could Come to All iPhones in 2018

According to the latest info we’ve received, Finisar announced the purchase on Thursday during an earnings report covering the October 2017 quarter. The plant is located in Texas and with production expected to kick off during the second half of 2018, it could mean great news for consumers wanting to pick out the base version of the iPhone model that will be announced next year.

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The acquisition of the plant means that Finisar could ramp up production of TrueDepth and Face ID, suggesting that all iPhones getting announced in 2018 will receive these upgrades. This will also include the 6.1-inch LCD version, which is also expected to get the same edge-to-edge design as the iPhone X. So with no home button in sight, there was a very high probability that the phone was going to get Face ID.

VCSEL components make up the dot projector in Apple’s 3D modeling apparatus, which includes an infrared flood illuminator, and infrared camera and color cameras. With the acquisition of the new plant, Finisar will be able to potentially increase its revenues thoroughly. An analyst points out that at full capacity, the manufacturer will be able to see revenues from VCSEL sales hit $30 million.

This will bring it closer to Lumentum, who is Apple's largest VCSEL supplier. Lumentum saw revenues hit $40 million during the September quarter and since the tech giant has more suppliers, it will have better pricing leverage for these components. This could result in a cheaper iPhone model that gets the LCD screen, with rumors suggesting a $649-$699 base price tag for this particular variant.

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News Source: Apple Insider