Apple Sued By Man Claiming To Have Invented iPhone In 1992 – You Should See The Damages He’s Asking In Return


Apple cannot catch a break where lawsuits are the core subject and if any form of technology existed in 1992 that was capable of inventing the revolutionary mobile computing device we know as the iPhone, Thomas Ross apparently had possession of it. Now, he’s suing the tech giant as he claims that he invented the iPhone 24 years back.

Ross Is Demanding $10 Billion In Damages And A Nice Little Chunk From The Revenue That Apple Generates

Thomas Ross claims that Apple stole his design for an ‘electronic reading device’ and according to The Telegraph, it was ‘hijacked and exploited by Apple’s iPhones, iPods, iPads, and others’ according to The Telegraph. The images of Ross’ mobile device have been given below and in addition to asking for a hefty amount of payment in damages, the plaintiff also states that he wants 1.5 percent of all future Apple revenue. This would suggest that the company is expected to pay him for the revenue generated by the company’s wearable, desktop and notebook lineup too, but isn’t that a bit unfair, since he claims that the design for the original iPhone was stolen and not of anything else.

According to the details of the drawings, you can view a rectangular device and a big screen. However, there are numerous things available in the design that Apple has not incorporated into its iPhone family, including solar cells, support for Microsoft’s MS DOS, as well as the option to support speakers and microphones, and page turning buttons.

iPhone 7 (3)

Here is where the issue arises; Ross states in his design that one of the features of his stylized 1992 iPhone design is a typewriter keyboard, or a physical keyboard that would sit below the display whereas Apple has never ever used a physical keyboard. Sure, there have been accessories made to replace the on-screen keyboard with a physical one that will deliver a tactile feedback to the owner, but Apple itself has never used it.

Another thing that might ruin Ross’ chances of becoming a billionaire is that he doesn’t actually hold a patent on the technology. In 1992, he failed to pay fees associated with filing patents and it was eventually deemed abandoned by the patent office. The plaintiff claims that ever since Apple allegedly stole his 1992 iPhone’s design, the incident has caused him severe amounts of injury that cannot be compensated in monetary terms.

Our guess is that the jury will label him an individual attempting to make a quick buck off Apple’s iPhone lineup, because the first question he’ll also be asked is why didn’t he file for the lawsuit when Steve Jobs unveiled the company’s first smartphone back in 2007. What do you guys think is going to be the result? Let us know your thoughts immediately.


Design images taken from The Telegraph