Apple Silently Launches ‘iBooks StoryTime’ App For The Apple TV


Apple quietly launched a new App for the Apple TV that brings the iBooks to the platform. The app is called "iBooks StoryTime" which is basically a children's app that allows them to improve their reading skill through various helpful features in the app. Let's dive in to see some more details on the new iBooks StoryTime app for the Apple TV.

iBooks StoryTime Is Available On The tvOS App Store

Some of the features part of the app include enhanced audio. This feature carries unique character voices, various sound effects and narration to make learning more entertaining for the young. Children can follow along the course of the story on their devices or physical books for a better learning experience. Read-Aloud is another feature that displays subtitles for the narration audio. With this feature enabled, the book pages skim automatically along the narration. Disabling this feature will allow the user to turn pages using the Siri Remote.

iBooks 2

Here's What Apple Describes The New App:

iBooks StoryTime gives your family a different way to experience classic kids’ books and discover new favorites. With Read-Aloud narration and beautiful illustrations, every handpicked title in the app transforms Apple TV into an engaging place for young readers to enjoy the stories they love.

At launch, there seems to be a number of popular titles available like The Little Red Hen, Big Brother Daniel, Chika Chika ABC and many others. Moreover, the app also features various character books from Sesame Street  and Disney. There aren't a lot of titles on the platform due to the optimization it takes. With the addition of these books, it will definitely be a more entertaining experience for children to learn.

iBooks Story

For promotional purposes, Apple is offering users "Dora's Big Buddy Race read-Along Storybook" for free. If you want to purchase additional books, they are available from the Featured section of the app. iBooks StoryTime is now available on the tvOS App Store, so be sure to check it out if you haven't already.

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The Apple TV is a source of media consumption. However, following the release of the iBooks StoryTime app, it's good to see that it's also becoming a source of education for the children. Apple will probably enhance the app even more and add more content to its library.

This is it for now, folks. What do you think about the new iBooks StoryTime app on the tvOS App Store? If you own an Apple TV, would you be willing to give the app a swing? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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