Apple’s Sapphire Supplier Produces World’s Largest 300lb Sapphire Crystal

Ah sapphire. While for the uninitiated it might seem that our smartphones might be coming with precious stones embedded in their displays, for those who follow Apple news closely, the word has an entirely different meaning. In a bid to make its iPhone screens stronger and more durable then ever, Apple's efforts to equip them with sapphire glass last year on the iPhone 6 duo was publicized to the fullest. But while its primary and only manufacturing partner GT technologies was reported to be the root cause of the delay, Apple hasn't given up and this time, the Cupertino company might have finally made some headway into the sapphire puzzle.

Apple's Sapphire Partner Monocrystal Produces 300 lb Sapphire Crystal

So after GT's reported implosion, we saw Sapphire absent from the iPhone 6 launch last year, but Apple didn't seem to have given up completely on the concept either. The Apple Watch came with a sapphire display on board, and as a result of this, Apple's new Sapphire partner, Monocrystal saw its revenues go up by $87 million.

Now, Monocrystal has some even better news today which now reports have produced the world's biggest sapphire crystal weighing 300lbs. The achievement is said to have taken place due to the company's homegrown "kyropoulos" method and should undoubtedly help drive Apple's future plans for the crystal on larger screened devices forward. In fact, 40% of Monocrystal's shipments are 2 inch wafers and 60 percent 4 inch wafers. The company also manufactures 8 and 10 inch wafers, so there's plenty of sizes for Apple to choose from.

In fact, the Cupertino tech giant was also recently awarded a patent which trademarks a new gas cutting technology for Sapphire crystals. So with Monocrystal's massive yield, and Apple's advanced manufacturing methods, we should expect Sapphire on Apple devices sooner than later. One thing's for sure, Sapphire isn't dead for sure on the iPhone or on Apple devices, and with all the secrecy that surrounds Apple's plans, things might even be more advanced than we know. Stay tuned, we'll keep you updated and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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