Apple’s Sapphire Problem Might Be Reaching A Solution With $260 Million Investment

With advancements in the smartphone world occurring at an increasing pace, manufacturers are constantly struggling to differentiate their devices. While Samsung took to the curved screen on its Galaxy S6 Edge, Apple's yet to upgrade its iPhone lineup with a major feature advancement. While last year's iPhones saw a processor and a design upgrade, for a company who's mantra started with innovation and introducing the next big thing, Apple's started to fall surprisingly short of its own standards. Well, that just might change on future variants, if today's information is to be believed.

Blue Synopsis To Invest $260 Million Into 3D Glass Business - 3D Curved Glass On The iPhone?

Blue Synopsis, one of Apple and Samsung's key suppliers for glass panels on devices has started to make investments into 3D curved glass. According to Reuters China, the company is looking to generate capital for investments into 3D Curved Glass. Blue Synopsis intends to sell Class A shares worth $968, out of which the manufacturer will invest $260 million into 3D Curved Glass manufacturing. The rest of the capital is expected to go into sapphire protective lens covers for camera lenses, fingerprint sensors and covers for wearables.

Given that Apple faced supplier issues last year with sapphire displays that were expected to come with the iPhone 6 Duo, could the Cupertino manufacturer be looking towards Blue Synopsis for sapphire panels? And can the iPhone be expected to come with curved 3D glass panels as well? Blue Synopsis' investments should take some time therefore we shouldn't be expecting any drastic changes on this year's iPhone from this end. But if the manufacturer manages to solve Apple's sapphire yield problems, then perhaps we can finally expect the iPhone to receive some much needed upgrades. Stay tuned, we'll keep you updated and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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