Apple Reported To Opening Siri To Developers – Amazon Echo Could Have A New Competitor

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With Amazon Echo and Google Home improving considerably, it was high-time that Apple started making some drastic changes to Siri. Now, the latest report suggests that the tech giant is opening up its voice assistant to developers, which could open up several doors for not only a wide range of applications, but could hold the key for improving the software as well.

Apple Could Finally Let Siri Grow By Offering Its API To Developers

The Information has reported that Apple will provide the official Siri APIs to developers, which will open one huge door; paving the way for third-party integrations, which is exactly the kind of approach that Amazon Echo has taken. Carrying out the basics of tasks on Siri is impossible, primarily because Apple has locked down the software. With the exception of the company’s own HomeKit, there is not much that the assistant will be able to do when third-party integrations are called into question.

With WWDC 2016 set to kick off during the month of June, we have extremely high hopes that Apple is going to introduce better Siri integrations that could eventually build the stepping stones that will bring the fight to the likes of Google Home and Amazon Echo. It is also possible that Apple might not even have to provide developers with the Siri API because the Cupertino tech giant has been reported to be working on a standalone device who’s primary targets will be Amazon Echo and Google’s recently unveiled Google Home.


If this does happen, it is possible that a Siri-running device could be unveiled in the near future and could carry out all the tasks that you ever needed it to perform as a home assistant. One of the things that Apple needs to do is become less rigid with its software. Only when the company opens up to third-party integrations will we see the assistant move to the next echelon of development.

The limits to what Apple will let developers take advantage of the Siri API have yet to be divulged, but if Apple’s aim is to go after products like Google Home and Amazon Echo, then in the foreseeable future, we could be seeing a similar device released that carries out the tasks of a smart home. How much freedom do you guys think that Apple is going to let developers have when providing its Siri API? Let us know your thoughts right away.


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