Apple Will Replace Your iPad 4 With an iPad Air 2 – But Under Certain Circumstances


It has come to our knowledge that Apple will replace a user's iPad 4 with an iPad Air 2 if the need arises.

Apple's iPad 4 Stock is Dwindling Fast, Therefore it Will Likely Give You an iPad Air 2 Replacement if Your Tablet is Broken

Released back in 2012, the iPad 4 is an old tablet, without a doubt. But, if for some reason, your tablet breaks down and Apple is left with no choice except give you a replacement, then the company will likely throw you an iPad Air 2 as a replacement. This is due to the fact that the iPad 4 is dwindling down in supply very fast and the iPad Air 2 is available more readily.

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Here's the internal memo as leaked by MacRumors regarding the matter:

Starting March 30, iPad 4th generation whole unit repairs may be substituted to iPad Air 2 models. Apple's repair and order management tool will indicate for each repair if a substitution will take place. Please note the substitute part’s color and capacity to ensure the customer understands what their replacement iPad whole unit will be.

Before you get excited that Apple will give you an iPad Air 2 in exchange for your broken iPad 4 there and then, please note that the company will assess your device first before landing on a decision. It's likely that a small part replacement will be carried out by the company easily, but if the damage is more than beyond control, then only expect an iPad Air 2. Also, it should be kept in mind that the iPad Air 2 is subject to region availability as well. This means if you the area you're living in that has iPad 4 in stock, then you won't be getting an iPad Air 2.

This is a great little move from Apple, as it ensures that users get at least something in return rather than nothing at all. If your luck is sky high and were hoping for brand new tablet after your iPad 4 broke down, then you might want to walk towards your nearest Apple Store or an authorized Apple repair outlet. Who knows you might end up walking out with a brand spanking new tablet from yesteryear!