Apple Reminds Developers Once More that 32-bit Apps Won’t Work with iOS 11


It appears as though Apple is not playing around when it comes to 32-bit apps support in iOS 11.

Apple to Developers: Update Your Apps to 64-bit Otherwise They Won't Work with iOS 11

With the release of iOS 10.3, it became fairly evident that Apple was going to take a strict route against 32-bit apps on the App Store. Not only it started to point out 32-bit apps, but also started to cleanse the App Store from titles that weren't updated in a long, long time. Now though, Apple is poking developers again, asking them to update their 32-bit apps to 64-bit otherwise they will fail to work with iOS 11 when it becomes available later this year.

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Here's the full message from Apple to developers.

As a reminder, new iOS apps and updates submitted to the App Store must support 64-bit. Support for 32-bit apps is not available in iOS 11 and all 32-bit apps previously installed on a user’s device will not launch. If you haven’t updated your app on the App Store to support 64-bit, we recommend submitting an update so your users can continue to run your apps on iOS 11, which will be in the hands of hundreds of millions of customers this fall.

iOS 11 focuses strictly on the 64-bit architecture, and hence support for each and every device that is 32-bit has been dropped. But that's not all, apps or games not updated with 64-bit will bite the dust later this year as well. So if you have an app that you trust which hasn't been updated, then you might want to consider looking for 64-bit alternatives right away.

According to Apple, the final version of iOS 11 will become available to users around the world by the end of this year. if previous release timeframes are to be followed then we can expect the software to arrive a couple of weeks before the new iPhone launch.

If you wish to try out iOS 11 before anyone else then you might want to look into Apple's Beta Software Program. But remember, since this is ultimately beta software, therefore expect a ton of bugs under the hood. Head over to this link for more details: Download and Install iOS 11 Public Beta on iPhone, iPad Right Now.

News Source: Apple