Apple Releases macOS GM 2 to Developers


Apple has just released macOS GM 2 build to developers, and you can download it right now.

macOS GM 2 Released As Final Release Draws Near

Apple has promised that it would release the final build of macOS Sierra on the 20th of September, which happens to be just a few days away. But right after the iPhone 7 keynote, the company kicked things into high gear by releasing the first Golden Master build of macOS Sierra to developers. It was almost certain that Apple wouldn't release another GM build of its desktop operating system until or unless a last minute bug was found.

Here we are and Apple has seeded the second GM build of macOS to developers, and if you happen to be one, you should update straight away. The steps are painfully simple, and they are as follows:

  • Save all your work and connect to the Internet using Ethernet or WiFi.
  • Launch the Mac App Store and wait for it to refresh.
  • Click on the 'Updates' tab at the top.
  • You should see macOS GM 2 pop right up, ready to be installed. Click on the 'Update' button to confirm your action.

You will be required to restart your Mac in order to complete the installation, hence we have mentioned it in the first step that you should save all your work. Don't blame us if that document you're working on magically disappears.

It's likely Apple will not release any further update to its upcoming desktop operating system. We are just four days away from final launch, meaning Apple had ample amount of time testing out its software before pushing it out the gates.

We sincerely hope Apple does not pull off an iOS 10 here and manage to crash a few Macs in the process. But given we're not dealing with a mobile device here at all, we are somewhat certain things will go smoothly come 20th September.

Wrap Up

If you're a developer then you are requested to update straight to GM 2 without any second thought. From the looks of it Apple has packed nothing more than bug fixes and performance enhancements in this release which are more than awesome to have especially if you're running pre-release software.

If you have an Apple Developer Program membership at hand, then you can install the GM build right away. Simply follow our guide posted here: Install macOS Sierra GM on Your Mac Right Now.