Apple Has Released iTunes 12.5.1 With iOS 10 Support – Here’s What Is New


iOS 10 is on the verge of being released and the company behind it has released an update for iTunes. The latest update bumps up the version to 12.5.1 and will support the upcoming firmware for all its uses. The update is now available to download as an OTA update through the Mac App Store. Let's see some more details on the latest update of iTunes 12.5.1 and what does it have to offer to users.

iTunes 12.5.1 Update Brings Redesigned Interface And Much More

The iTunes 12.5.1 update measures in at 256MB in size and constitutes a handful of changes that we will be talking about later on. Mainly, the update brings an all new Apple Music design change which is also supposed to bring greater simplicity and clarity to the application. This change will adhere to the cluttered stuff on the software interface and make it a bit more peaceful to interact.

Here's the official changelog or release notes of the iTunes 12.5.1:

Now with an all-new Apple Music design which brings greater clarity and simplicity to every aspect of the experience.

This update includes support for iOS 10. It also adds enhancements designed for macOS Sierra including: Siri, Play music from your Library and Apple Music using your voice. Just ask Siri.

Picture-in-Picture. Watch videos as you multitask and use different apps. Your video floats above your desktop in any corner of the screen.

Other than the basic support for iOS 10, the iTunes 12.5.1 brings with it a set of design changes which are specifically oriented towards macOS Sierra. This also includes support for Siri which will allow you to play a song using nothing but your voice commands. Picture-in-Picture mode is also a new addition in the iTunes 12.5.1 update, allowing users to continue watching iTunes video in the form of a miniature player and have it set at any corner of the display.

iTunes 12.5.1 mostly adheres to changes in the visual department including the Apple Music interface. The inspiration mainly comes from the redesigned Apple Music app in iOS 10. You can see that everything on the interface is a bit more clean and slightly bigger in size. This will provide an easy to use layout for users. Overall, it will improve your Apple Music experience and change your overall perception of the platform.

All in all, it looks like iOS 10 is right on the corner and can be released any second now. Make sure you download the latest version of iTunes for a much revised and better experience. This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the latest iTunes 12.5.1 update? Share your views in the comments.