Bendgate For iPhone 6 Plus Fixed? New Evidence Suggests So

Looks like Apple has learned a lesson or two from its previous device fiascos. While the iPhone 4S antenna problem gained quite a lot of coverage, its successor, bendgate died down after a minor uproar. And we finally might have found the reason behind it.

getReddit User Claims Several Noticeable Differences Present In New iPhone 6 Plus Units.

According to a reddit user (doctorkuddles), Apple has made several changes to the new iPhone 6 Plus units shipping out. After the launch of Apple's first phablet, several users started complaining that their iPhone 6 Plus devices were bending after being left in pockets for too long. The defect caught massive attention and many awaited Apple's response.

Looks like Cupertino has found a fix for this most recent iPhone 6 Plus issue and has chosen to implement it quietly. Differences spotted by doctorkuddles include different sounding iPhone 6 Plus units. According to the doctor, the 128 GB iPhone 6 Plus which he purchased yesterday 'sounds' completely different than the 16 GB Day One unit purchased by his wife.

Noticing these differences, the doctor decided to investigate the matter further and took a stethoscope to analyze the sound difference in detail. According to him, under a stethoscope, the 128 GB iPhone 6 Plus variant is “much more dull toned, indicating to me it’s more solid” while his wife's “phone had a lot more percussion sound, indicating that area was previously hollow.”

When subjected to a microscope, there were more differences spotted by  doctorkuddles between the two iPhone 6 Plus variants. Apparently Apple has chosen a new material to lend support to the iPhone 6 Plus since the 128 Gb variant had a “red colored object placed in the volume down button crank.” The 128 GB iPhone 6 Plus also weighs an impressive 21 grams more than the 16 GB one.

Currently, we're only going to have to take the good doctor for his word since he provides us with no evidence of changes whatsoever. However, that's no reason to discredit his claims entirely, since Apple could very well have fixed the issue without mass media attention. Lets see if more details pop up. We'll keep you updated.

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