Apple Has Found A Way To Prevent Those Ultra-Embarrassing Autocorrect Mishaps

According to a newly filed patent application by Apple, it seems as though the company has found a way to prevent us from falling into an autocorrect pit of shame on iOS.

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Apple Has Found A Way To Save Us From Those Embarrassing Autocorrect Moments

The way autocorrect works is fairly simple - it matches the gibberish we type on the keyboard to the closest sense-making word in the dictionary. But while autocorrect is a blessing in disguise for those who like to speed type on an iPhone or iPad, but it should be noted that this very same technology has led to many different embarrassing situations just because autocorrect replaced that one word without the user's discretion and things went south without much effort. But thankfully, all of that could change if this newly filed patent application from Apple is anything to go by.

Just like how misspelled words are denoted using a red underline, Apple aims to highlight autocorrected words on iOS using a blue underline so that the user can see himself whether or not the word has been replaced by iOS itself as he or she was typing through. If you've used a Mac, and happen to have autocorrect enabled on it, then we're quite sure you know how this feature will pan out on iOS, since Apple's desktop operating system already has this little feature baked right in.

Here's how the system will work, according to the images that accompany the patent filing:


I personally have fallen prey to autocorrect a lot of times where I wanted to say something and the meaning turned out to be completely opposite just because autocorrect thought it would be 'handy' enough to not tell me what it has replaced in the string of text I've typed. But it calms us down to know that Apple has found a solution to the problem, but has not specified when this feature will bear fruit. And given the fact that WWDC 2016 is right on our faces, there's a high chance the company will bake this feature into iOS 10, the upcoming mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch devices.

There's also a chance that Apple will take a while to bring this feature to our mobile devices, or might skip it altogether. After all, we've seen in the past how patent applications have surfaced from the Cupertino giant only to be left on the top of the shelf, never to be heard from again.

Please surprise us this year, Apple.


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