Apple Prepping To Launch Transcribe Voicemail Service That Allows Siri To Answer Calls

Apple is testing a new voicemail service which Google has had for years. The service will enable Siri to answer phone calls and transcribe your voicemail messages. Apple's iCloud service will ultimately send you a transcribed voicemail message which states that you will not have to listen to your voicemail messages again. However, this service will not be part of the upcoming iOS 9 which is set to launch in September, alongside the iPhone 6s. Hopefully, the feature will be available in the year 2016 with the release of iOS 10.

Furthermore, Siri will answer your calls and provide a pre-set reason why the attendee could not respond to the call, if permission is given. Apple has been keen on enhancing capabilities of its digital assistant in competence with Cortana and Google Now. Siri can be regarded as the heart of iOS 9 apart from performance and some visual upgrades.

Apple's Voicemail Transcription Service To Compete With Google

The mechanics for Apple's voicemail transcription is really simple. If you are unable to take a call, Siri will simply answer it on your behalf and will provide the caller with a pre-set message for your unavailability. Siri will then take the message from the caller and transcribe it just like how we interact with Apple's voice assistant to convert our spoken words to plain text. The transcribed voicemail will then be available to the user on their iPhone.

'Multiple Apple employees are testing iCloud Voicemail' service and it's just a matter of time when Apple considers it as part of its operating system in the future. This feature may result in filling the generation gap as old people tend to listen to voicemails and quite opposite for the youngsters who put down listening to voicemail as a tedious task.

As we have mentioned before, Google has had this feature for years, and currently, the company is working on reducing errors and seeking ways to improve the transcription process. Google has recently announced that it had cut transcription errors by 49% on its use of neural networks. This might sound impressive but still left a handful of errors in the transcription department for Google. Hopefully, Apple will grapple its own transcriptions errors soon in the future.


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