Apple Patent With Virtual, Edge Controls Shows Potential iPhone 8 Upgrade

Ramish Zafar

Talking Apple, there's a lot of talk on how Cupertino will approach the iPhone next year. From edge to edge displays, to an all new glass design, the options at its disposal seem to be countless. Today, we've got another patent for you which might tell us at what to expect next year. Completely eliminating the presence of buttons on the iPhone's screen will give Apple a lot of room for new features. These patents show what the company can achieve in the form of virtual buttons for the iPhone 8.

Apple Patent Shows Curved Screen Complete With Virtual Buttons For The iPhone

Courtesy Samsung, curved screens on smartphones aren't a novelty anymore. The Korean tech giant's Galaxy Note and S lineup provide an impressive aesthetic take on the smartphone's screen. Now, we've been hearing that Apple's got similar plans for the iPhone. Cueprtino's rumored to remove the home button completely from the equation and equip the iPhone 8 with a virtual fingerprint sensor. It also intends to provide the iPhone with an edge to edge screen.

If you take a look at the images below, and the corresponding details, you'll find out how Apple can approach the entire edge-to-edge, and potentially, a curved screen for the iPhone equation. According to the details, Apple will be able to equip the iPhone with virtual buttons, which will function similarly in concept to the MacBook's Touch Bar. They'll be customizable on demand, resulting in switches between the volume, camera and other commands.


While it's a long shot that the feature will make it on the iPhone 8, it does provide us with a nice perspective on what features Cupertino's been toying with. Bezels finally seem to be going out of design, a trend that was initiated by Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 Edge a couple of years back. With Apple's hesitation to change the iPhone's design, next year is finally looking to be a good one in iPhone history.

The rumor mill's made a lot of predictions for the device. For starters, we'll finally see metal being replaced by glass as the material of choice on the iPhone 8. A virtual home button, an edge to edge screen and a 10nm processor have all surfaced with regularity over the past couple of months. Combined with today's patent, they go to show how much changes Apple can make on the iPhone. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest.

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