Apple’s Not Ready To Equip The iPhone 8 With OLED Screens According To Japanese Blog, Macotakara

Ramish Zafar
iPhone 8 concept

When it comes to the iPhone 8, it's rare to see conflicting information surface. Nearly every rumor for the device has similar details. A 5.5 inch screen, a curved OLED display, new form factor, virtual home button and other minimal details. Today however, Japanese blog Macotakara has something different to add. They claim that the iPhone 8 won't be worth all the hype generated so far. Take a look below for more.

The iPhone 8 Will Feature A Dual iSight Camera, USB Type-C and Other Minimal Changes Claims Fresh Report

Before we dig n , it's relevant to take a look at some critical facts. The earliest reports for the iPhone 8 suggest that the device will mark the lineup's tenth anniversary. To make up for this, and earlier deficiencies on the lineup, Apple will go all out to introduce new features on the device. These, as evidenced by subsequent information, will include an edged display, a virtual home button, a button free front and build material overhaul for the frame.

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Today's leak, confirms only a few of these details. According to the Japanese, Apple will launch a 5 inch iPhone this year. The device will launch alongside the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus. AT this moment, the iPhone 8 is in testing phrases. Apple is testing new build materials for the device, which include glass, aluminum and ceramic. We've heard a lot about ceramic in the past as well, and Apple's also possesses the necessary manufacturing capabilities.

Apple Broadcom wireless charging

This testing phase has left a lot of details out for the iPhone 8. In fact, according to MacOtakara, the only confirmed details  for the iPhone 8 are as follows. The device will feature a 5 inch screen, wireless charging, USB Type-C and a dual, rear camera. The blog also adds a very interesting prospect for the iPhone 8. According to them, the device will be a special version, which will work alongside the Apple Watch Edition. If this really does turn out true, then Apple will have successfully transformed into a gadget+jewelry maker. After all, who wouldn't want a fancy iPhone to go along a $10,000 Apple Watch.

Still, it's only source, so we aren't going to put all of eggs in one basket. A $1,000 dollar iPhone next to a $10,000 Apple Watch does have a nice ring to it, that's all. The major upgrades for all smartphones this year, will be 10nm. The process marks an important step towards balance high performance, with power efficiency. To highlight this, Qualcomm claims that 80% of the workload on its Snapdragon 835 will be managed by the lower frequency core cluster. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

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