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Usman Pirzada

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11:24. AM: Thats That. So basically it went as expected apart from Maverick OS being free and the iPad Air.

11:23 AM: Tim recapping everything.

11:14 AM: Dedicated Post Here.

11:12 AM: iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina Released.

11:06 AM: Do you use your iPad in locations like this?

10:57 AM: Tim is back.

10:56 AM: This is impressive. Considering its on the web.

10:54 AM: iWorks and iCloud could get good cross support. Is Apple learning?

10:51 AM: iWorks up next.

10.49 AM: Still Music Production Software, Drummer,

10.45 AM: Talking about Apple related Software,

10.42 AM: Eddy Cue Up Next.

10:41 AM: Applause at " Mac Pros" Assembled in USA!

10:37 AM: Starting at $2999

10:33 AM: Up Next Mac Pros...

10:30 Powered by Intel Crystalwell Chip.

10:28: Haswell and Iris Pro Confirmed. And have you seen the Black Knight? lol.

10:27 AM: Macbook Pros up ,Haswell and Iris Pro?

10.24 AM: Mavericks Will be FREE!!!


10.22: Credit cards, gui, nothing revlutionary.

10.20 AM: OS X Mavericks, who didnt see that coming.

10.13 AM :Compressed Memory can instantly compress inactive parts of memory, can fit 6GB of data in 4GB of RAM.

10.11 AM: Tim Cook talking about iTune Radio

10.05 AM: The event has begun and Tim Cook is onstage.

9.57 AM: Times almost up, there's talk of Software and the iWatch.

9.39 AM: 30 Minutes Left to go. And Apparently Tim Cook is partying backstage.


Apple October 22 Event Live Stream - Bookmark this Page and Stay Tuned! Event will Begin Shortly.

In just a few hours, Apple will begin their October Event carrying the slogan " We Still Have a lot to Cover ". Ready your wallets because we are expecting the release of two shiny iPads; the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 and the iPad Mini Retina might even make an apprentice. We are also expecting a new refresh for the Macbook Pro carrying Iris Pro graphics. There has also been rumors in the air that the Mac Pro will make an appearance at Apples Event too.

Also we have reports that the OS Maverick will certainly show up on the event. Basically we are looking at a roundup of iPads, Macbook Pro Refreshes, Mac Pros and OS Updates (Maverick). Needless to say Apple should have its hands full. But until the event actually happens we cannot say for sure what expected products will come true.

Apple October 22 Event Live Stream will start soon.

The Apple event is taking place in Los Angeles and is set to start on 10 AM EST. In about 3 hours at the time of this writing. We are pretty excited about it, bu one thing is absolutely certain, no matter what products are unveiled today your wallets are in for a pretty decent lighten-ing. Apple got a lot of criticism over their new cheaper line of iPhones , we wonder what approach they might take today. Though highly unlikely a new iPad C lineup would brighten the day of many.



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