Apple Reportedly Working on a Less Expensive External Monitor, With Its Thunderbolt Display Now Classified as a ‘Vintage’ Product


After having its warranty period expired for almost 5 years, Apple has now decided to include the Thunderbolt Display among its ‘vintage’ and ‘obsolete’ products list. With the older monitor now cast aside, there may be rumors of a new Apple-branded monitor in the works. This could be due to the Pro Display XDR being a little too pricey, so the technology giant could end up targeting the average consumer rather than attempting to sell them a professional display.

For a significantly long time, Apple did not release an alternative to its popular Thunderbolt Display. Even though the monitor was officially discontinued in 2016, the only upgrade Apple offered was a partnership product with LG in 2017, which was called the LG UltraFine. Given below are descriptions provided by Apple for its product range that have now been included in the ‘vintage’ and ‘obsolete’ sections.

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“Products are considered vintage when Apple stopped distributing them for sale more than 5 and less than 7 years ago.

Products are considered obsolete when Apple stopped distributing them for sale more than 7 years ago. Monster-branded Beats products are considered obsolete regardless of when they were purchased.”

With the launch of the Pro Display XDR back in 2019, Apple re-entered the monitor market with what it does best; launching a flagship product. Unfortunately, this panel was not pocket-friendly at all, costing $4,999, with an additional $999 just for purchasing that stand. However, reports have suggested that Apple may be working on a more budget-oriented display, which could be closer to the $999 mark and it could serve as the direct successor to the Thunderbolt Display.

While there are no confirmed leaks regarding the new display, sources have claimed the company to be in the early stages of its development. Analysts also confirm the new display may be more consumer-focused, dropping the professional level brightness and contrast levels in order to curb prices.

Sadly, due to this disclaimer, the Thunderbolt Display may not support Apple repair services in some regions. Moreover, Apple also added the first iPad Air to this list, making for a dismal day if you have held onto the tablet for this long. Fortunately, the news of launching a new display might just consumers to be a little patient and see what Apple has in store for them.

News Source: Apple