Apple Named World’s Most Valuable Brand For Third Consecutive Year

Uzair Ghani

Apple has emerged as a very mighty brand ever since it brought forward to the world its famed lineup of iOS devices, which includes the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Year on year, the Apple brand itself has managed to accumulate a heap of value, with the company's brand being valued at $170 billion alone in 2015, which makes it the most valuable brand of 2015.

Apple Store

Apple Named Most Valuable Brand Of 2015, Google At Second Place

While Apple's brand value is estimated to be at $170 billion, Google, which sits on second place, has a brand value of $120 billion, with these current figures representing respective increases of 43 and 12% over last year. It's also worth noting here that the value of the brand is calculated using a majority of factors, such as the financial performance of the company, how much the brand can influence a customer's buying decision, and of course, for how long the brand itself can support a premium price range.

Interestingly, according to the ranking placed by Interbrand, Microsoft and IBM sit at fourth and fifth positions respectively, while Samsung, which prides itself as the world leader in mobile devices sits at number seven in the entire list. Amazon however, finds itself in the tenth position, which means that in the top 10 places of the list alone, there are 6 tech companies, while others are secured by brands such as McDonald's, Coca Cola, Toyota etc.

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It's rather fascinating that Apple has come a long way, and how the company's fortunes were turned around just because of one product that was released back in 2007, the original iPhone. While the first release saw itself coming under a lot of fire from skeptics, but later on many different manufacturers realized that the iPhone is indeed the direction in which the smartphone space would be headed.

After the passing of Steve Jobs, the Apple Watch, which was announced last year, and released in 2015 to the public, is the first ever brand new product category to be revealed with Tim Cook sitting at the helm. Will Tim Cook be able to push that boundary even further with even more innovative products? That's something which only time can reveal.

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You can check out the entire list of top 100 brands in all their glory by hitting the source link below. And also be sure to let us know if you think the list is absolutely justified, or if you think otherwise. You know where to leave your comments; in the comments section below.


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