Apple Music Introduces ‘Up Next’ To Promote A New Artist Every Month


Apple has announced a something new today on its Apple Music Twitter account which is designed to promote upcoming artists. While the iPhone-maker might be a little hazy on its decisions regarding the original video content, it is pretty streamlined and straightforward when it comes to its online music streaming platform. The new feature is called 'Up Next' and it will altogether provide a greater insight for what to expect from the industry. So let's see some more details on the subject.

Apple Music Introduces New Documentary Series With The Name Of 'Up Next'

As we have mentioned earlier, Apple has featured a new documentary series called 'Up Next'. The first episode of it has been released today and it all starts with the artist known by the name of "6lack", pronounced "black". So what is Apple's motive behind the introduction of the new documentary series? Moreover, where is the company leading the platform to?

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The basic purpose of the new "Up Next" documentary series is to promote a brand new artist every month. The recently added dedicated page for the Up Next is showcased with a single artist and offers a wide range of content, from music videos, albums as well as an interview with DJ Zane Lowe from Beats 1 radio station. 6LACK's description via the Up Next reads:

“Considering he made his recording debut at the age of four, you could say that 6LACK –pronounced black– was born to do this. The singer/rapper transcended the Atlanta underground with last year’s “PRBLMS,” a bold showcase of late-night, R&B-inflected hip-hop. The unfiltered personal narratives of his full-length debut, FREE BLACK, proved that “PRBLMS” was just the beginning. Explore 6LACK’s blossoming catalog, watch his incredible live performance in Atlanta, and get to know him through our exclusive documentary and an in-depth interview with Beats 1’s Zane Lowe.”

Previously, Apple has conducted various promotions for major album releases. The difference between previous and today's Up Next addition is that the latter tends to promote lesser known artists rather than the well-known ones. This is advantageous for the artists as well as the company. For artists, recognition through a major platform is definitely a plus. For Apple, the addition will enrich the platform with the latest trends and releases.

There will be more to the story, so be sure to stay tuned for that. As for now, what are your thoughts on the new documentary series in Apple Music by the name of Up Next? Share your thoughts in the comments.