How To Use Apple Magic Keyboard With iPad


Here's a complete step by step guide on how you can use the newly announced Apple Magic Keyboard with the iPad.

Magic Keyboard

The iPad is a powerful tablet and you can further extend its capabilities by pairing it with a bunch of third-party or external accessories. Luckily, the newly announced Apple Magic Keyboard also works with the iPad, and pairing it with the iPad is an absolutely piece of cake. In today's guide we'll show you how you can use Cupertino's brand spanking new keyboard with the famed slate.

Use Apple Magic Keyboard With iPad

Before we begin, it's worth noting here that the Apple Magic Keyboard works only with devices that support Bluetooth 4.0. Otherwise it won't work.

1. Turn on your Apple Magic Keyboard using the switch located at the back. To put the device into discoverable mode, simply turn off the keyboard and turn it back on.

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 7.37.52 PM

2. On your iPad, open up the Settings app.

3. Now tap on 'Bluetooth.'

4. In a few seconds, the Magic Keyboard will pop right up. Simply tap on it to pair it.

From here on in, you can use the Magic Keyboard to type on the fly right on your iPad.

If you're looking to unpair the keyboard from your iPad, then launch the Settings app once again, tap on Bluetooth, and then tap on the little 'i' icon next to the Magic Keyboard. Here you'll be presented with two options: Disconnect and Forget this Device. Choose the latter if you want to unpair the Magic Keyboard for good. Simply follow the above listed steps again if you want to pair the Magic Keyboard once again with your iPad.

The new Apple Magic Keyboard is a wonderful accessory to buy, but do keep in mind that it's slightly more pricey than the previous-gen model. But still, given the feature set it brings to the table, such as a sleek profile, built-in battery, as well as a new keys mechanism, it's a thoroughly redefined experience to have if you're in the ownership of a Mac or even an iPad.

While we would opt to go with a proper keyboard case with the iPad at any given moment, but still, if you're working on a lengthy document on Pages, or a spreadsheet in Numbers, and you happen to have a Magic Keyboard lying around, then it's a no-brainer to utilize it for such a purpose.

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