The Upgraded MacBook Might Get A September Launch; Sketchy Supply Chain Sources Make Claims


The majority of Apple news which surfaces on the rumor mill focuses on the iPhone. The smartphone accounts for the majority of Cupertino's revenues after all. Still, Apple's much more than a mobile company. The company's first successful foray in tech was personal computing after all. To that end, the MacBook has also seen quite a bit of rumors so far. Now, some fresh news suggests that we just might get a refresh next month. Read more below to find out.

Apple MacBook Manufacturer Quanta Computer Allegedly Hints At Major Client Conference In September

News about upcoming MacBook upgrades has been much better when compared to the iPhone. While the flagship smartphone lineup from Cupertino should come with subtle upgrades, it's the notebook lineup which will get to see major overhauls. One of these is an OLED touch panel for it, which will add a nice tone of touch functionality in the mix as well.

It'll also get Thunderbolt 3 and USB Type-C, as Apple will upgrade overall connectivity. While these rumors about specifications are all well and good, there's still very little information on when Apple will launch the notebook. Now, we just might have managed to spot some details related to the lineup's launch date.

12-inch MacBook sales skyrocket for Apple

Some reports out of China now suggest that Apple just might launch its MacBooks next month. Supply chain sources claim that Quanta computer, Cupertino's primary manufacturing for the MacBook lineup expects a major customer to hold a conference next month. While Quanta's got a lot of customers, this just might be Apple, though nothing's set in stone as usual. Quanta expects this to contribute significantly towards revenues, with the company's performance to exceed the first half of 2016.

The MacBook lineup has also seen rumors of Touch ID making it on board, which will greatly add to its functionality. While Apple won't be the first manufacturer to launch biometric recognition on a notebook, the move should help towards solid integration of services such as Apple Pay in the mix. Processor wise, Apple still continues to be dependent on Intel. The company's Kaby Lake processors still haven't seen the light of day. Unless Santa Clara launches them, the MacBook will ship with outdated hardware. Given that it's more likely for Steve Jobs to be resurrected then Apple ship new notebooks with out of date hardware, take everything with a grain of salt for now. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest.