Apple’s 2016 MacBook Pro Develops Several Keyboard Problems; Company Issuing Replacements For Touch Bar Variants


Apple's launch of the MacBook Pro last year was highly controversial. It'd been a long time since the company had updated its notebook lineup and changes were due. To compensate, Apple launched the notebooks with an all new Touch Bar, minimum ports and an upgraded keyboard. Apple's always been about usability and with the MacBook Pro, the company promised to deliver on that end. The notebooks feature an upgraded version of its butterfly keyboard and greater surface area for the trackpad. However, looks like more trouble's headed for the lineup. Take a look below for more details.

Users Of 2016 MacBook Pro Experience Keyboard Problems With Complaints Of Missed Keys, Hissing & More

Apple loves high price tags. Whether its the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or the MacBook, the company's products are priced much higher than their counterparts. After all, it's all about premium, high end products for Cupertino. So, when its devices do malfunction, the resulting backlash is equally severe. The 2016 MacBook Pro lineup is no stranger to criticism either. Soon after its release, many users reported strange problems for the notebook.

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Many brand new MBPs were shutting down after minutes of use or displaying battery life way below Apple's promised estimates. The company seemed to be caught off guard as it initially blamed the problem on software. But the problem seemed to be a bit deeper as subsequent updates didn't solve it either. While battery life problems for the MacBook Pro are over for now, some new issues with the notebook have come to light.

MacRumors reports that several of its users claim keyboard problems with the notebook. Character repetitions, 'clicking' sounds, a non-uniform feel and outright zero functionality for keys is reported by users. According to user monstermacc77, "Within a few hours of using my Late 2016 MacBook Pro 15" with Touch Bar, I noticed some of my keys made a very high pitched click on-key-up (when I lifted my finger from the pressed down key). The affected keys: Caps Lock, left Option, and very occasionally: Delete, 'H', and 'C'." The problem is limited to heat for some users and non-heat scenarios for others.

Some other users report double clicks and delayed or no response from the upgraded butterfly keyboard. According to user rroch, ". . .the i-key most of the time types the letter twice. I suggest you test out your keyboard thoroughly. . .I found that the failure happens more frequently with a slight delay before releasing the key." Apple's straight out replacing MacBook models with Touch Bar and repairing those without the feature. Looks like the company knows what's up with its notebooks, for a change. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.