A MacBook With an in-Built Wireless iPhone Charger, Biometric Sensors to Check Heart Rate, More, Gets Spotted in New Patent

A MacBook With an in-Built Wireless iPhone Charger and Biometric Sensors to Check Heart Rate, More Has Been Patented

Apple has yet to step away from a MacBook with a clamshell design, but the latest patent reveals that future models could be equipped with additional hardware, making it a multi-purpose machine.

New Patent Also Describes How a MacBook Owners’ Fingers Can Be Used to Quickly Draw Straight or Curved Lines, Which Will Be Ideal for Creative Professionals

A patent was granted by USPTO to Apple, with Patently Apple reporting that future MacBook models may feature a transparent finger system placed over the keys, allowing users to draw straight quickly or curved lines. Since MacBooks are targeted at professionals and content creators, this improvement will negate the need for another app or an expensive Apple-branded accessory to be used alongside the portable Mac.

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The image below shows how users can control future MacBook keys.

In the following image, you can see how Apple engineers envision a dual-display MacBook and how the user can control the base of the machine to manipulate what is shown on display. While dual-display notebooks may not provide sufficient utility, having an in-built wireless iPhone charger and biometric sensors sounds incredibly interesting.

FIG. 49A shows that an iPhone can receive a charge wirelessly while being placed on the corner of the palm rest. As for where your palms make contact with the MacBook’s base, Apple could incorporate certain biometrics that can display real-time health-related statistics, ranging from your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, temperature, and other details. These additions can prove helpful when you want to take a general health diagnostic to see how well you are doing and if you need to pay a visit to a doctor to prevent a severe mishap.

With COVID-19-like diseases, such upgrades are more than welcome. A small summary of Apple’s patent is provided below, and if you wish to learn more about it, you can click on the source link at the bottom.

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“A wireless power transfer system configured to inductively couple with the portable electronic device [like an iPhone] to receive power from the portable electronic device through the planar top exterior surface of the base portion and to transmit power to the portable electronic device through the planar top exterior surface of the base portion.”

While this might not be an elaborate or futuristic of a patent compared to a MacBook whose keyboard deck can shape-shift, assuming Apple has a patent for that, having a wireless charger for an iPhone on the side, and being able to check your health stats are not just convenient improvements, but doable ones for Apple. We will see if the technology giant aims to add these in future MacBook models.

News Source: Patently Apple

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