Apple Will Launch MacBook Air In October ’17 With Kaby Lake, E-Ink Keyboard & More

Ramish Zafar
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Apple's launch of the MacBook Pro this year introduced several upgrades. The notebook lineup had been due an upgrade for quite a while and Cupertino seems to have delivered, partially. The Touch Bar for the larger variants had been in the rumor mill for quite a while. It's also an interesting take on touch based inputs. Being Apple, the company faced a lot of criticism after the launch of the MacBook Pro 2016 as well. The decision to only equip it with Thunderbolt/USB Type-C ports didn't settle well with a lot of users. One item missing from the MacBook portfolio is the MacBook Air. We've heard a lot of speculation that Apple might discontinue the device. Today, some more information has surfaced.Take a look below to find out more.

The 2017 MacBook Air Will Be The Cheapest In Its History With Impressive Upgrades

When we talk about its product portfolio, Apple's got an interesting approach. The late Steve Jobs is known as a strong advocate of product cannibalization. For the layman, this translates into new Apple products resulting in old products being made redundant for the market. The strongest example for this process has been the iPhone's effect on the iPod. Another example is the impact the 12 inch iPad Pro has had on the MacBook Air.

With Apple's Ax series processors beating Intel's Core M lineup in several tests, users seem to find the latter redundant when it comes to mobility and performance. This fact has also led to speculation that Apple will discontinue the lineup all together. However, today we've got some fresh news from China that claims the MacBook Air lineup might not be dead after all. In fact, we might some serious overhauls next year too.

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For starters, its rumored that the MacBook Air will be the cheapest device in its history. It'll be coupled with what's being dubbed as an E-Ink keyboard. It will also feature Siri integration and be even thinner than its predecessor. How Apple hopes to achieve the latter, eludes us, but we're guessing Intel's Kaby Lake will contribute towards this decrease. We're also hearing about Touch ID making it on board, so the MacBook Air can really be expected to be a complete package.

Of course, you'll have to wait for the device. Today's rumors also claim that Apple will launch the product in October next year. If true, then Kaby Lake's presence on the device should be taken as set in stone. Of course, we'd advise you to take this information with the proverbial grain of salt. Very little information has surfaced about the MacBook Air, and we'd prefer for more to surface on the matter before making any conclusions. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest.

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