Apple Launches New Privacy Portal Ahead of GDPR – Here’s How to Download a Copy of Everything Apple Stores on You


As promised earlier this year, Apple has launched its new Data & Privacy portal ahead of GDPR that goes into effect this Friday. Currently only available for Europeans, the website allows Apple users to download all the data associated with their Apple ID account, correct your data, deactivate your account, and to permanently delete it.

This data download tool enables you to request a copy of all data associated with an Apple ID. This data includes app usage history, account details and sign-in records, calendars, photos and documents stored in iCloud, and data associated with Apple Music and Game Center. AppleCare support history along with marketing records are also included.

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Non-Europeans can also request a copy of their data from Apple

Apple already allowed its users to request a copy of their data from the Cupertino tech giant. We did a detailed guide on the process a few weeks ago. If you want to know what exactly Apple stores on you and don't live in Europe, you can follow these steps to request your copy of data.

However, that process is quite a lengthy one where you have to wait for Apple's email, verify everything and then finally get your copy of the data.

The new tool that has been launched today offers easy shortcuts that enable Apple users to have a better view of their data and multiple options related to data correction, account deactivation and deletion. Apple has promised to make this privacy tool available globally in the coming months.

For those in the EU, here are the steps to access the new tools:

  1. Go to the new Data and Privacy website (
  2. Sign in with your Apple ID.
  3. Click on Continue. apple data & privacy
  4. Under the Obtain a copy of your data, click on Get started link.
  5. Check all the boxes for categories of data that you want to download. Alternatively, click on Select All. download apple data gdpr
  6. Hit Continue.
  7. On the next screen, choose the maximum file size - a feature that allows you to divide your data into multiple files with size going from 1GB to 25GB.
  8. Finally, click on Complete request.

Apple may take a week to prepare the downloads and notifies you when it's ready. This data will be automatically deleted after 2 weeks.