Apple To Launch MacBooks With E-Ink Keyboards In 2018


A few days ago we heard that Apple was in talks to acquire Sonder, an Australian startup that specialized in making keyboards with E-Ink display. Today, the company seems to have teamed up with Sonder to bring the technology to its MacBook lineup in 2018. The keyboards will be specialized in the provision of alphabets as well as special characters and emojis. Let's see some more details on MacBooks with E-Ink Keyboards.

Apple To Implement E-Ink Keyboards In 2018 MacBooks

According to sources familiar with the matter, Apple will implement the E-Ink technology, developed by Sonder, in its MacBooks by 2018. The idea of having E-Ink keyboards boasts endless possibilities with the advancements in the field.  The keyboards will feature the ability to adapt letters and characters on each key. Sonder is backed by Foxconn, which means it already holds ties with the Cupertino camp.

Previously, there were reports concerning Apple's plan to update the MacBooks in October of this year. More importantly, the report also emphasized on the company introducing an OLED panel above the keyboard for the function keys. Today, we also heard that Apple is planning to announce its upcoming update for the MacBook lineup on an October 27 media event.

Even though Apple's plans to implement E-Ink display in its MacBooks is years away, next week, the company will be making its first steps into the field. The 2018 change in terms of keyboard will be the most significant change in the user interface. According to The Wall Street Journal, Tim Cook pondered over its plans with Foxconn and Sonder at a meeting in China held on 11th October.

So what does E-Ink keyboards have to offer? Basically, the bottom half of the laptop would be as dynamic as the screen itself. This means that instead of printed letters and numbers, the keyboards would make use of customizable E-Ink keys. The E-Ink keyboard would also be able to switch languages and show special emojis and characters. Possibly, you would also have the ability to add shortcuts and much more.

E-Ink keyboards are already available on the market, but they're too expensive for the average user. According to the source, Apple's keyboard in its MacBooks will be a 'standard feature'. So this will be a neat addition for anyone who wants to own one.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the addition of an E-ink keyboard to the MacBook? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.