Leaked Apple Keynote Tagline Might Reveal Interesting Details About iPhone 8


Being a smartphone that’s going to boast a complete overhaul in design, the iPhone 8 is going to bring in a new trend of phone design that Apple’s probably going to follow for future devices as well. However, as appealing as the device is said to be from the outside, the device has also been rumored to impress greatly as far as its internal features go. According to the latest image leak, what appears to be Apple’s keynote image reveals some very interesting details about the upcoming phone.

Image Coming Out of Twitter Might Confirm the Wireless Charging Capability of iPhone 8 – Could Charge from a Distance

The image leak comes from Dbrand’s official Twitter account and for those that don’t know, the company is a maker of skins and cases specifically catered to your iPhone and other high-end smartphones. It’s not the image itself, but the details posted in that image that caught our attention.

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“We’re getting down to the wire.”

While this tagline might seem very cryptic, it could reveal the wireless charging properties of the iPhone 8, all the while suggesting that because the upcoming handset will provide support for wireless charging, it will feature a new design with a glass body to allow wireless induction between the smartphone chassis and the wireless charger. It has also been rumored that Apple will incorporate some form of hardware that will allow the iPhone 8 to charge over a distance. How effective this is going to be related to the amount of time it will take to charge that iPhone, is not confirmed.

The phablet version of the iPhone 8 is expected to have exclusive features ranging from an OLED panel to better hardware and of course the dual-camera lens. Apple will definitely be charging a premium for this model as opposed to the smaller version because it knows that customers will willingly pay more to gain access to these exclusive features. For now, take the above image with a pinch of salt. There is still a lot of time remaining for the keynote to take place and the official image and tagline may change accordingly.