Apple’s Job Listings Might Show That Company Is Dedicated to Improving Battery Life on Products


It is not an uncommon sight that the efforts of Apple aren’t impressive when incorporating large battery capacities inside the company’s iPhone. Sure, the phablet variants get the better treatment because the company has ample room for that, but in general, battery problems continue to be an issue for Apple products. Even with the announcement of the new MacBook Pro 2016, users prior to updating to macOS Sierra 10.12.2 stated that the battery timing on their notebooks was nothing short of abysmal. To effectively improve battery performance on future devices, it looks like the company has a job opening available, but make sure you have sufficient expertise in the matter if you plan on applying for it.

Job Listings on the Website Requires an Individual That Tests Battery Management Technology and Other Applications to Improve Battery Life

The company has a job listing for a ‘Battery Algorithm Analysis Engineer’. The summary of the listing has been given below:

“In this position, you will be expected to verify advanced lithium-ion battery management technology through battery testing and data analysis. You will also be asked to create test plans and conducting battery tests. You will be expected to process test data to generate steady-state and dynamical models, identify model parameters, and implement various model-based algorithms in different test platforms to evaluate their performance.”

Keep in mind that these details do not summarize the use of improved battery technology, and quite frankly that is a shame. Instead, the key responsibility of the candidate would be to improve battery timing under a variety of situations. However, while the company will require someone very astute to tackle these problems, an even better solution would be not to skimp out on incorporating larger battery capacities. The quest for products to become thinner has only led to manufacturers making sacrifices in the battery department, and while it upgrades their portability and aesthetics, it further adds salt to the wound for the biggest complaint in smartphones and notebooks; their battery timings.

Hopefully, with the new hiring, the company will be able to tackle a wide range of these issues before announcing future products. What are your thoughts on the latest job opening? Tell us in the comments below.