Apple Is Reminding Developers To Prepare Their Apps For The iPhone X

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Apple is set to launch its flagship of the year, the iPhone X in less than a week. At this point, before the device has reached customers, Apple is reminding developers to prepare their apps for the smartphone. In a blog post aimed towards developers, Apple is reminding them to test their iPhone apps on the Xcode simulator. So let's dive in to see some more details on the upcoming apps and what developers should take note of.

Apple Reminds Developers To Test Their Apps On The iPhone X Simulator On Xcode

Apple's iPhone X will reach pre-order customers on November 3rd, while at this point in time, the shipping dates have slipped to 5 to 6 weeks. You also have the option available to order your device through carriers that might suit you. However, the estimated delivery at this point will also take weeks. If you're interested in getting the iPhone X on the launch day, it will also be available at your local Apple Store for in-store pickup. However, we would totally recommend you to arrive early as the demand is pretty high while supply is limited. So good luck getting your hands on the new iPhone.

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Moving on, Apple shared a simple reminder to developers in a blog post, suggesting that they should test their app using Xcode, then take screenshots of their apps and upload the new metadata and app to iTunes Connect. Apple also separately detailed that the iTunes Connect now supports the iPhone X screenshots. Here's what Apple has to say about it:

The future is almost here. iPhone X will be available November 3. This stunning device features the all-new Super Retina display for more immersive experiences and Face ID, a secure new way to unlock, authenticate, and pay.

The TrueDepth camera works with ARKit, and the A11 Bionic chip is designed for Core ML and Metal 2. Download Xcode 9.0.1, test your apps in the iPhone X simulator, and capture screenshots. Then submit your updated apps and metadata in iTunes Connect today.

Apple has already shared details on how developers should design their apps for the iPhone X's bezel-less display, keeping into account the notch at the upper portion of the display. New apps on the iPhone X would be really interesting, taking advantage of the display for a more immersive user experience. There will be more to the story, so be sure to stay tuned in for more.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the iPhone X? Did you pre-order yours? Share your views in the comments.

News Source: Apple

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