Apple Is Only ‘Exploring’ Cars And Is Positive About iPhone, Says Tim Cook


Apple's CEO, Tim Cook has suggested in a Fortune interview that the company is yet not wholeheartedly dedicated to building a car. However, the idea is only for the sake of exploration. Moreover, the CEO points that hiring a high-profile team to work for a project was not the plan that the company dedicated itself to. Adam Lashinsky conducted the interview, asking various questions about the company's secretive car project and more.


Autos Could Be Something Apple is 'Exploring'

The interview also focused on the iPhone's future that sits in the amidst of negative talk. Cook also responded to the concerns related to the iPhone, talked about how Apple's culture is evolving over time and how it behaves in a down cycle. Even though some folks won't be so optimistic about the iPhone sales, Cook says that he is good at ''blocking out the noise,'' and says that the company is focused and true to itself, following the milestones that the company has set for itself.

“I’m good at blocking out the noise. I come back to, Are we doing the right things? Are we remembering our North Star? Are we focused on making the best products that really help people enrich their lives in some way? And we’re doing all those things. People really love our products. Customers are happy. And that’s what drives us. Over time I’m sure that everything else will catch up.”

As the interviewer transitioned towards asking the most hyped question relating to Apple building its own car, its oblivious to expect that the company would openly announce their projects. Tim Cook suggests that the company explores into various projects over time.

“Yeah, I’m probably not going to do that. The great thing about being here is we’re curious people. We explore technologies, and we explore products. And we’re always thinking about ways that Apple can make great products that people love, that help them in some way. And we don’t go into very many categories, as you know. We edit very much. We talk about a lot of things and do fewer. We debate many things and do a lot fewer.”

The interview was conducted on February 12 at the company HQ in Cupertino California. The interview reveals a lot of other tidbits relating to the company as well. So do read the full interview here. As for now, what are your thoughts about Apple building its own car? Share your thoughts in the comments.