Suppliers Ship Samples For Thermaformed Glass On iPhone 8 That Will Facilitate Wireless Charging


Apple's iPhone 8 is a regular feature of the rumor mill. Cupertino will go all out this year, to celebrate the lineup's 10th anniversary with the smartphone. The device will mark the entry of a lot of critical upgrades to the iPhone lineup. Apple's eye has been off of the ball for quite a while in several key device aspects. Whether it's OLED, or wireless charging, the iPhone's long overdue a lot feature already  present in the Android world. Today, we've got some more details for the iPhone 8's build materials. Take a look below to find out more.

Apple Will Use Thermaformed Glass For The iPhone 8 To Facilitate Wireless Charging

Out of all the features rumored for the iPhone 8, OLED and Wireless Charging have been present on Android device for quite a while. For Apple to finally introduce them on the iPhone will mark a great achievement for its fans. Cupertino's legendary for sitting on features and launching them only when old ones have become truly redundant.

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This strategy helps Apple to keep up its mantra of innovation and create a strong user base at the same time. The iPhone 6 Plus targeted the phablet smartphone segment after a long time. The device was a hit and Apple reported record device shipments. With OLED, you can expect a similar response on next year's balance sheet. Today's report hits two birds with one stone. New materials are rumored to feature on the iPhone 8 for quite a while. Out of these, glass is a top contender since it will also facilitate wireless charging.

ETnews reports that Apple's glass supplier, Biel Crystal is supplying the company with thermaformed glass panels. The glass is placed in a mold and shaped according to requirements. Samsung uses it for the Galaxy S lineup and soon it might make it on the iPhone as well. The material will fit well with Apple's design requirements for the iPhone 8 and ensure that wireless charging works efficiently as well. Apart from glass, ceramic is another material that has surfaced on the rumor mill as a possible contender for the device.

Apple's currently testing different prototypes for the iPhone 8 and the device won't follow usual release cycles. Reports indicate a delayed release since several production constraints need resolution at the moment. There's also talk about an iPhone 'Edition' that will go alongside the Apple Watch Edition. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.