For The iPhone 8, Apple’s OLED Suppliers To Be Foxconn And Sharp It Seems

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With almost two months left until we get to see the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus from Apple, hype around the upcoming flagships isn't as strong as we're expected to seeing. After all, this year's smartphone launches from Cupertino aren't expected to come with significant overhauls or upgrades. With the mobile world remaining as hungry as every for new features, next year is expected to be the year of the iPhone, with several changes expected on the smartphone lineup from Apple's end. To that effect, today we're hearing some more news out of China which could mean that the device gets to see a much overdue upgrade.

Foxconn And Sharp To Develop OLED Panels Ready For Market By 2018 According To Terry Gou

A coupled of months back, the acquisition of Japanese display maker Sharp by Apple's primary manufacturing partner in China, Foxconn made waves in the iOS world. After all, display is a feature on the iPhone that Apple's been quite stubborn to upgrade for quite a while, and with this development, users began to anticipate the much needed change. However, as time passed, we learned that the partnership between the two wouldn't be ready for mass market production for quite a while, and with it, hopes of a display upgrade on the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus died out.

While this was disappointing news in its own regard, the larger iPhone 7 Plus seemed to make up for it in terms of a dual camera and a smart connector making it on the device. Pretty soon we saw claims surface that Apple would be taking more iPad-esque approach on the device, particularly as the larger screened smartphone has been the one that's been responsible for the majority of the lineup's growth ever since the iPhone 6 Plus was launched. This soon, was put to rest a couple of weeks back, as some Foxconn insiders allegedly claimed that the company had run into implementation problems with the camera sensor.

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Now, following the aftermath of some significant human resource shakeups at Sharp, we're finally starting to hear reports that the company will be able to mass produce OLED panels for customers by 2018. According to Foxconn chairman Terry Gou, "We will be ready before 2018 and ship (OLED panels) to customers'', in a statement made to reporters after the annual shareholders meeting on Wednesday. The iPhone 8 has been rumored now for quite a while to be coming with OLED displays, among other upgrades, so Gou's announcement could finally point towards the much needed display upgrade on the smartphone.

Other features that are expected on next year's iPhone are a curved OLED display, a capacitive Touch ID sensor, wireless charging, upgraded camera and an advanced taptic engine. These do end up neatly covering almost every major aspect of the device so the iPhone 8 really might be an interesting way Cupertino chooses to celebrate the device's 10 year anniversary. Apple's a changed company and by the looks of things, its facing quite a rough patch dealing with that change. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest.


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