Apple Could Continue Maintaining High Prices for OLED iPhones as Samsung Becomes Exclusive Supplier Once More

Omar Sohail
Apple Could Continue Maintaining High Prices for OLED iPhones as Samsung Becomes Exclusive Supplier Once More

As Apple would introduce more OLED screen suppliers to the fold other than Samsung, it would have meant having better negotiations for this component. One report stated that Apple was desperately waiting for LG to start supplying the Californian giant with OLED panels for its next iPhone lineup.

Unfortunately, that plan might not come to pass thanks to the latest information we’ve stumbled across. What this essentially means is that Samsung might maintain its exclusive status of supplying Apple with OLED screens for this year’s iPhone 2018 lineup.

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LG Has Reportedly Run Into Production Problems, Making Samsung the Exclusive Supplier for OLED Panels for iPhones This Year Too

People who are familiar with the matter via The Wall Street Journal claim that Apple recently subjected LG to a third round of prototype production for the OLED displays. This was described as an extra step that most suppliers don't go through for many components but the tech giant might have insisted the Korean supplier go through this step so that a necessary conclusion could be reached.

With the results that have come before the company, Apple is actually divided on whether LG Display will be able to produce the same quality as Samsung when it comes OLED displays for the upcoming iPhones. Samsung will already be commanding a very high price for its OLED screens since they will be produced to the standard that Apple wants and because of its exclusive supplier status, the Korean giant will have absolute freedom over pricing.

Apple is slated to launch two OLED-touting iPhones this year. One is going to feature a massive 6.4 or 6.5-inch display while the second handset is going to be acting as the successor to the iPhone X launched in 2017. We believe that if Samsung does remain the exclusive supplier for Apple for this component, it will charge an even higher price for the larger iPhone due to the increased size of the display itself.

Do you believe that because of this, Apple will be forced to charge an even higher premium from its customers? Tell us down in the comments.

News Source: WSJ

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