Apple To Increase iPhone 8 Builds For June By 300% Claim Analysts; Something Big Cooking?


Like Samsung, Apple's got a lot riding on the iPhone 8. Cupertino's been miserly with upgrades over the past couple of years. The tenth year anniversary of the iPhone will change this, according to the numerous leaks which have taken place so far. Today, there's more news on the matter. Apple's looking to boost up production, in order to make the most of the upgrades which it will introduce this year. Take a look below for more.

Sources Expect A 300% Increases In iPhone Builds For June As Apple Makes Big Preparations

News of a big iPhone launch this year has been a part of the rumor mill for quite a while. We saw Credit Suisse make predictions of an iPhone 8 supercyle back in September 2016. According to the bank, Apple and its suppliers are getting ready to shift a lot of iPhones this year and H1 2018. Apple's suppliers have added a lot of OLED lines to production capacities and these will finally give Apple the muscle to launch an iPhone with the display.

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Today, some more analysts sound equally hopeful for the iPhone 8. For starters, Apple is now reported to be decreasing the production for iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone SE. Cupertino wants to dedicate as much firepower as it can for the iPhone 8. Analysts now forecast a 300% build increase for the device's builds in June, to 9 million units. In addition, declines in legacy models will also contribute positively to the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 concept

"The supply chain focus remains on the tremendous anticipation for a iPhone 8/X super cycle intertwined with some mid-year transition hurdles. Mix changes have been more aggressive than in recent memory, particularly in the June quarter. Interestingly, our present reads suggest a 300% increase in iPhone 8/X builds in the June quarter, now sitting at 9M. As a result, overall June quarter builds have increased from 45M to 48M, with the sharp increase in iPhone 8 offset somewhat by modest declines in legacy models. In the past, builds of upcoming releases began in earnest early in the September quarter, so this is a departure from AAPL’s normal build cadence."  Suggest analysts John Donovan and Steve Mullane.

Looks like Apple's pretty confident with the iPhone 8. We're all looking forward to a big launch from Cupertino. After all, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were known to keep it easy on upgrades well before their launch. Apple's much needed move into OLED combined with a completely new design and a button free front for the iPhone 8 are just the changes needed on the lineup. Combine this with the 10nm A11 and better software and you'll have a winner on your hands. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest.