iPhone 8’s Unique, Two Pieced L-Shaped Motherboard Leaks In Entirety; A11, NAND Positions Clearly Visible

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iPhone 8 edge to edge vs curved glass

We've got only a couple of weeks until Apple launches its iPhone 8. It'll be ten months of non-stop leaks for the smartphone in September. These have built quite a lot of hype for the smartphone. All that's left now is to see whether Apple will deliver on these expectations. August's exit has led to an increase in component leaks for the upcoming iPhone lineup. Not only the iPhone 8, but the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus have also surfaced in leaks. Today, the iPhone 8's L-shaed motherboard makes an appearance. Take a look below to find out more.

PCB Image For The Apple iPhone 8 Surface; Show Clear Positions For Processor, RAM And Other Components

At this point, we're at a loss of words for the iPhone 8. What more, original content can we give you when the device appears EVERYDAY on the rumor mill? So here goes all that we've mentioned so far. Apple will introduce a lot of upgrades this year. One major upgrade for the smartphone will be its OLED display.

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Apple's fallen behind in OLED and even this year, not all iPhones will get the upgrade. Samsung's already operating at full capacity. As around 90% of the world's OLED manufacturing is with Samsung, Apple's got no other manufacturer to rely on, despite some rumors which claimed a larger part for LG.

Moving forward, today's post isn't about the iPhone 8's display, but about its internals. The smartphone's also rumored to feature a L-shaped motherboard. This will allow for space savings on the smartphone. The motherboard will be split into two pieces, connected by a soft cable.


Now, in one of the biggest iPhone 8 leaks yet, we've got pictures of both of these pieces for you, from separate sources. The pieces will be divided along RF and circuit lines. One piece will house the Wi-Fi, SIM and other connectivity components. The other will have performance and storage components, namely the A11, NAND flash and others.

The former is pictured in the first image while the latter's both sides are seen in the second image above. If you're even remotely tech savvy, you'll be able to see the relevant positions for the A11 and NAND storage on the iPhone 8. Both the sources have churned out accurate information in the past, so you need little, if any salt today.

Other features for the iPhone 8 include wireless charging, 3D facial recognition and VR suport. A lot of upgrades will make it on the iPhone this year. Hopefully, their execution will be flawless. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comment section below. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

News Sources: Weibo, Venya Geskin

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