TSMC’s Chairman Claims 100% iPhone 7 Chip Share; Trend To Continue With iPhone 8

It's been an interesting year for mobile. What lacked in terms of innovation was made up in terms of infamy. Apple and Samsung had interesting years. For the former, it was criticism on the removal of the earphone jack which somewhat dominated the media post iPhone launch. For the latter, it was one of its flagship devices being declared a public safety hazard. Now, as we're exiting 2016, looks like things won't change much next year. TSMC's chairman Morris Chang has made some statements lately which exhibit confidence in his firm's future prospects.

TSMC Claims Monopoly Over Apple's iPhone 7 Chips; Report Expects Trend To Continue For iPhone 8

TSMC's stepped up its game quite a bit over the past year. The Taiwanese fab lost chip orders to Samsung for the iPhone 6s, which featured processors from both the companies. With the iPhone 7, its chairman claims that his firm has the complete monopoly over Apple orders. Cupertino's devices are used globally and sell in millions, so this marks good news for TSMC's shareholders.

In fact, he was quite vocal against Samsung at a recent event we've managed to gather. Mr. Chang dismissed the Korean manufacturer's claims that it is the first in the world to produce 10nm claims. According to him, "We have already begun churning out advanced 10-nanometer chips... I think our schedule is definitely ahead of Samsung". He does sound quite optimistic and if true then TSMC will have a good couple of years as well.


Mr. Chang couldn't avoid taking a jab at Samsung's poor luck with the Galaxy Note 7. "It's really bad that Samsung has not yet found out the real cause of the explosion. I think it's terrible because it's a reliability issue … " He commented. Samsung hasn't had luck with Qualcomm either. Reports have stated that the Korean fab might lose Qualcomm's orders for the Snapdragon 830 due to technical issues. The report also has information about TSMC and Apple's upcoming iPhone 8.

It's expected that TSMC's monopoly will continue for the iPhone 8, after Chang confirmed 100% share of iPhone 7 chips. 10nm will change things for good in the mobile world and TSMC's strong partnership with Apple should ensure steady sailing for the pair. We've seen quite a bit of information surface for the iPhone 8 so far. The device will feature dual cameras, an edge to edge screen and an all new design according to sources. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest.

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