Apple Inventroy Hints at New Macbook Pro with Improved Graphics

Usman Pirzada

At the upcoming Apple event on October 22. Apple is expected to unveil the new iPad 5 and a Retina iPad Mini. However Apples, inventory suggests that a Macbook Pro refresh with improved graphics is in the pipeline.

Macbook Pro Refresh Coming with New Iris Pro Graphics

The previous refresh of Macbook Pro suffered from two flaws. One was the battery life and the other was the relative inability of the integrated graphics solution to keep up. However if rumors are to be believed and the latest Iris Pro integrated graphics solution is going to be used than user may alley their fears, because the Iris Pro is one of the highest end Integrated Grahics Solution around. The second thing we expect to be improved in this refresh is the Battery Time.

apple-inventory-macbook-proWe can clearly see in this screenshot that the Apple Macbook inventory and Apple iPad 4 inventory has almost completely dried up. This is usually indicative of a new refresh, although ofcourse we can confirm nothing. However it would seem that those inventories which are already very high have a very law probability of getting refreshes.

The Graphics (Iris Pro) and better Battery Life are the upgrades we are betting at.

However, it would not be too unrealistic to hope for an improved wifi capability. Better storage and Thunderbolt 2.0. We have some reports to suggest that Apple will go for the Thunderbolt 2 upgrade, as well as the larger storage upgrade and some have even suggested faster wifi. Needless to say as the Apple logo claims "we still have alot to cover" and it would seem like they do indeed have a lot of ground to cover.

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