Apple Has Secretly Been Developing Its Custom GPU For Years Sources Claim


With the highly evolving nature of the mobile industry, we often get to see a couple of surprises pop up here and there in terms of technology and features. With the massive research budgets that today's smartphone giants have on hand, new features are introduced with regularity and we've started to see companies become increasingly independent in terms of hardware and components and today, some interesting news has surfaced about Apple's future plans.

Sources Claim That Apple's Been Working On In-House GPU For Quite A While

As we're about to reach 2015's end, things aren't the same in the mobile world as they were a year back. We've seen an increasing shift towards custom cored processors with Samsung and Qualcomm both announcing their top tier silicon with in-house core designs. Apple's been making its own processors for quite a while which remains one of the reasons why its smartphones and tablets manage to do so much on so little.

If today's information turns out to be correct then we might see Apple's influence increase even more in the future. While the Cupertino manufacturer has been using its own SoC designs for mobile devices, today's news suggests that Apple's been working on other things too for quite a while now. The company has been secretly designing and developing its own GPU as well, which isn't surprising at all given the resources the company has at its disposal.

Apple's processors are known to be larger in surface area when compared to the rest of the pack and with its own GPU designs, the company should be able to use all this space in a much better manner. Apple took its silicon game to another level with the launch of the iPad Pro with the A9X on board, and the company's looking to get more serious about hardware designs over the past year or so as well. Its definitely got the performance edge when it comes to devices, so more homegrown hardware from Apple should end up only improving its devices.

But designing and implementing new technology nevertheless takes time so you shouldn't be expecting the next iPhone or the next iPad to come with Apple's own GPU on board. Imagination Technologies and Apple have been doing quite well on this front and we'd expect the partnership to continue over the next couple of years perhaps. But given Apple and its penchant for secrecy, you never really know what you expect. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest updates.