Apple Likely to Continue High-End Features on Larger iPhones Due to Higher Sales Tally

Apple high end features limit to larger iPhones

Larger screen phones have natural advantages over their smaller screen counterparts and recognizing this, Apple has decided to continue this trend because it provides the Cupertino tech giant a huge financial advantage, at least according to the latest report.

iPhone 7 Plus’ Exclusive Features Incorporated by Apple Shows That Consumers Are Willing to Pay More for ‘Cool’ Features

The iPhone 7 Plus provides ample space for Apple to place better features ranging from a larger battery capacity and dual-camera setup, but according to Cowen & Co sales (via The Wall Street Journal), this move has helped the company from a financial perspective. Estimates coming from the source indicates that the company’s iPhone 7 Plus accounted for an unbelievable 40 percent of all iPhone 7 sales. This shows that consumers are willing to pay more in order to experience better and exclusive features present in future iPhone phablet models, which Apple is certainly going to take advantage of for the foreseeable future.

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It has been rumored that the tech giant is going to gravitate to an OLED panel, but this particular display is going to remain exclusive on the larger version of the iPhone 8, once again showing that the manufacturer aims to take advantage of the natural benefits of purchasing a larger screen smartphone. Since both the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are expected to retain a ‘no headphone jack’ configuration, wireless charging is expected to be present in both devices. However, with the dual-camera introduced in the iPhone 7 Plus, Apple is most likely going to be incorporating this feature, but on the larger upcoming iPhone and charge a premium like it always has.

With the 16GB storage models finally out of the way, the upcoming iPhone 8 family is said to retain the 32GB model as the base storage model, followed by the 128 and 256GB variants. The announcement of these handsets is expected to take place during the month of September, and we’ll have all the latest updates for you then.

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