Apple Has Shipped 3.5 Million Apple Watches in Q2 – LTE Model Proves to be a Massive Hit

Uzair Ghani
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If anyone was having doubts whether or not the Apple Watch is doing great, well, the company managed to ship 3.5 million units in Q2 of this year. And that's a pretty big deal.

Apple Watch LTE Model Drives the Company into a Massive Wearable Market Share and 3.2 Million Devices Shipped

Though the first ever Series 0 Apple Watch model was a complete device in a lot of ways, but it wasn't truly 'wireless' in a sense that it had no cellular connectivity built right in. This meant that you had to take your iPhone with you if you were to receive calls or send text messages. Apple changed all that with the addition of a cellular antenna in the Series 3 model selling alongside a GPS-only variant.

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If the recent numbers are to be believed, then it's safe to say that the company is doing quite well in the wearable space. According to the numbers published by Canalys, Apple has shipped 3.5 million Apple Watch units in Q3 of this year alone. But the most interesting thing here is that this number is up 30% from the same time last year.

Surprisingly, despite the solid growth, Apple actually lost some market share due to other players present in the market as well, namely Fitbit and Garmin. Both these companies were responsible for pushing the Apple Watch's share down to 34% to 43%.

The Apple Watch Series 3 LTE model proved to be a huge hit for the company, especially in Asia. Out of 250,000 watches being solid, 60% of these are LTE variants. Needless to say that this is something which every fan asked for and Apple delivered.

Keep one thing in mind here: the Apple Watch LTE model is not available everywhere since it requires a special deal with the carrier to support its 'wireless' features. Despite that, it has seen solid sales throughout the world, although being available in just 16 countries (at the time of writing).

It's expected that Apple is going to release a refreshed model of the Apple Watch later this year with a larger display, hopefully better internals and a host of other changes too. I for one really want Apple to toss in a larger screen on the device to make rich notifications even more wonderful to look at. But that's just me being a little over-excited about things to come.

News Source: Canalys

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