More iPhone 6S Duo Price Leaks! 128 GB iPhone 6S Plus To Retail At $1254

Ramish Zafar

Apple's due to launch the iPhone 6S Duo this September. The Cupertino manufacturer has seen a massive surge in profits this year, which has been reflected in the massive order that its placed for the iPhone 6S. This year's Apple flagships are expected to come with several upgrades on board, the most important of which is expected to be Force Touch, Apple's very own feedback feature which has already featured in its MacBooks and the Apple watch. But today, we have a bit of news about the iPhone 6S' price and for those of you who didn't upgrade your device last year, are in for some good news.

Apple's iPhone 6S Now Said To Be Similarly Priced To The iPhone 6

Now, Apple's supply chain sources in Hong Kong have started to speak up about the Cupertino manufacturer's pricing plans for the upcoming iPhone 6S. Contrary to some earlier rumors, today we're getting to learn that the iPhone 6S might see a similar price as compared to the iPhone 6. The 32 GB iPhone 6S is said to come with a retail price of $850, the 64 GB variant for $980 and an all new 128 GB iPhone 6S for $1110. What's more interesting is the claim of these supply chain sources about an all new 128 GB iPhone 6S variant, alongside claims that we finally might be seeing Apple do away with the 16 GB iPhone.

But, the iPhone 6C pops up one again, and this is one area where sources are speculating that the iPhone will retain the 16GB internal storage specification. Aside from the iPhone 6S, some details have also surfaced about the pricing for the iPhone 6S Plus. The 32 GB iPhone 6S Plus will apparently be coming with a retail price of $980, the 64GB variant with a price tag of $1110 and the 128 GB iPhone 6S Plus for $1254. Keep in mind that these have been converted from Chinese RMB, so they shouldn't be taken as precisely accurate. And things might change as well, since there's plenty of time left for the iPhone 6S Duo launches. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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