Apple Currently Has Dozens of Engineers Working on ‘carOS’

Uzair Ghani

It's unclear at this point what the future holds for Project Titan, Apple's autonomous vehicle. But it appears as though the company is now in full swing to create its underlying software (carOS?) with dozes of engineers reportedly working on it.

Apple is Developing its 'carOS' in Canada - Two Dozen BlackBerry QNX Employees Working on it

Rumors regarding Apple's car project have died down lately, with some suggesting the company has scrapped its entire vehicle for something else to focus on its current lineup of products. But it appears as though Apple is not done with anything as the development process of its autonomous vehicle is still undergoing if a new report from Bloomberg is anything to go by.

According to the publication, Apple is currently in the process of creating the underlying software that will power its vehicle. Interestingly, two dozen of the engineers working on the project come from BlackBerry QNX division. This division has been the 'leading automotive software provider' for a long time. Currently, the engineers are hard at work in an Apple office that is situated in Ottawa.

Just like how iOS powers the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, what the software engineers are working on is the heart of Apple's car efforts. It's also rumored to pack in virtual reality features as well. Apart from that, it's said it will boast quite a lot of self-driving features too, quite likely to take on Tesla head-to-head.

The autonomous software was only one of many features once planned to run on the car operating system. For example, Apple engineers envisioned a heads-up display showing apps such as maps that could be manipulated by the company’s voice-based digital assistant Siri, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Wrap Up

Everything aside, what if Apple's car project is not a car at all? What if it's a service or an add-on for existing cars? See, the thing is, we are in very muddy waters right now to speculate where Apple is actually going with all this. It's not clear at all whether or not the project will properly hit the roads once it gets the necessary approvals and whatnot. Nonetheless, it sounds absolutely exciting given the direct competition happens to be Tesla, who is recently making waves on the road with new and powerful hardware under the hood.

We will keep our readers posted as more updates arrive regarding Apple's car or 'carOS.'

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