Apple Suppliers Scrambling To Produce 4 Inch Displays For The iPhone


With Apple seemingly putting an end to the rumored about iPhone 6C, new word today suggests that the company might not have completely given up on 4 inch displays for the iPhone. After its first time shift towards larger screened devices last year, Cupertino managed to win over a lot of users that wanted to see their iPhones with larger screens, following the increasing trend of such devices in the Android world. But Apple didn't seem ready to disappoint those who felt that a 4 inch screen best suited their needs, with several rumors including alleged casings for the 4 inch iPhone 6C popping up and the device rumored to come with the A8, found in the current iPhone lineup.


Apple Allegedly Orders 4 inch screens for The iPhone In 2017

But after word started to slowly die out related to a 4 inch iPhone coming this year, we were once again left in the dark as to about the device's future. But looks like users who still wish for a 4 inch smartphone from the Cupertino manufacturer shouldn't completely give up hope yet, as we might get to see another 4 inch iPhone, just not as soon as initially expected.

Apple's allegedly looking towards AUO (AU Optronics) as a supplier for its display components according to some fresh speculation today given unsatisfactory display yield from current suppliers. AUO has now started plans to manufacturer 5.5, 4.7 and 4 inch LTPS in Cell displays at its plants. But here's the interesting bits. These parts won't be available for use in devices until next year, so if Apple chooses to only use AUO as its supplier for iPhone displays, then we're going to have to wait for more than a year for a 4 inch iPhone. The company's going to need to oo something different with the device in any case, following the poor reception of the earlier iPhone 5C. Stay tuned, we'll keep you updated as this develops.