Apple Rumored to Cut iPhone Prices in Early 2018 to Gain Further Momentum in the Market

Apple cutting iPhone pricing early 2018

The iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have upgraded hardware, along with a glass and aluminum shell that gives it support for wireless charging. The base model also costs $699, with the iPhone X setting the user back by $999 for the base storage version.

With these models certainly costing you a pretty penny, a new rumor claims that Apple might be slashing the prices of these models starting early 2018 in order to encourage a higher growth and grabbing a bigger market share.

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Apple Usually Reduces Price of Previous-Gen iPhone Models During New Versions’ Announcement - Things Could Be Looking Different Now

According to sources close to the industry, demand for this year’s iPhone X and other models actually turned out to be weaker than what the tech giant was expecting, hence the rumor.

While Apple has always discounted the previous-generation models of iPhones when a newer smartphone has been announced, it appears that the company might be inclined to make the move before the unveiling of the newer models.

The iPhone keynote normally takes place during the month of September, so what the rumor is suggesting that the price cut is going to be taking place sooner than the aforementioned month. We will obviously have to wait and see how this turns out because Apple normally does not partake in such activity.

For 2018, the company has been rumored to announce three brand new iPhones, with one of them being a bigger display version of the iPhone X, with rumors calling it the iPhone X Plus. There is also an LCD model that is reportedly in the works and is expected to cost between $649-699 and rock an edge-to-edge glass.

Remember to take this rumor with a pinch of salt for now, but we’d still like to know your thoughts on what Apple’s decision should be moving into 2018. Should a price cut be introduced or be kept as it is?

News Source: The Motley Fool

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