Same Company New Rules – Apple Will Now Allow China To Carry Security Audits Of Its Devices


When it comes to China, Apple has seen its fair share of controversy. Location tracking on the company's devices was deemed as a national security concern by the Chinese last year, which further led to a flurry of meetings between Tim Cook and Chinese officials. Well, it looks like the matter has finally come to rest, with news surfacing today that Apple has agreed to Chinese audits of its devices.

apple-iphone-6-2Apple Allows The Chinese To Carry Out Security Inspections Of Its Devices

Looks like the Cupertino manufacturer values its market share and presence in China quite significantly indeed. For a company that's notorious for its unchanging ways, Apple's decision to allow Chinese audits of its devices comes as a slight surprise indeed. Company CEO, Tim Cook agreed to the inspections in a meeting with Chinese Information Office director Lu Wei, according to Beijing News.

The Chinese State Internet Information Office will be running security checks and other audits on Apple devices to be sold in China in the future in order to ensure said device will not be used in the future by foreign governments to spy on the Communist nation. In talks between Cook and Wei, the former is reported to denied previous accusations and said ""Some time ago there were rumors that we provide backdoors and data to third parties. We did not, and will not provide a back door."

Wei responded by denying any conclusions without proof and remarking, "Your products still need to undergo checks by our network security officers. We need to draw conclusions, so that consumers must be assured." Wei is also said to have pointed out that China is one of Apple's largest markets and is willing to open up to Apple and other giants on the premise that they open up their devices for inspection.