Apple Bumps tvOS App Size Limit to 4GB from 200MB

tvOS 10.2

Great news for developers, as they are now allowed to host apps or games on the tvOS App Store with size of up to 4GB.

Larger Apps Mean No More 'Downloading Additional Content' Nonsense at App Launch

Apple has made a new change to the tvOS App Store, allowing developers to host apps or games that are up to 4GB in size. Before Thursday, developers weren't allowed to exceed the 200MB mark, with additional content, if needed, downloaded when you launch the app or game for the first time. That was a rather annoying task to fulfill as it really slays the overall experience in the worst possible manner. But thanks to the larger app size allowance by Apple itself, users can expect better experiences out of the box as developers can now pack in more content that will delivered one time over the air during the download process from the App Store.

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Apart from stretching out the app size limit, developers have the option to host 20GB of on-demand content on the App Store as well. This content is downloaded onto a user's Apple TV in the background and is called upon when needed, or erased, if not used for an extended period of time.

The size limit of a tvOS app bundle has increased from 200 MB to 4 GB, so you can include more media in your submission and provide a complete, rich user experience upon installation. Also, tvOS apps can use On-Demand Resources to host up to 20 GB of additional content on the App Store.

Allowing larger apps on the tvOS App Store makes a lot of sense as Cupertino's set top box is available in a larger capacity model as well - 64GB, to be more precise. Also, developers get a larger canvas to play around with as well, giving users the ability to download the full content in one fell swoop rather than launching the app once and then being faced with another download that can take up to an hour or so.

Since the change has been rolled out just now, we are certain developers are going to implement the new policy momentarily. Till that happens, make do with smaller apps and additional content to be downloaded after the title has docked on your Apple TV.

Let us know in the comments section below what you think about this new tvOS App Store change. Do you think it will boost the user experience even further?


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