Apple Has Been Immersed in AR Glasses Development for More Than 12 Months But Launch Date Will Still Take Time


The increased competition in the smartphone market means that Apple cannot just rely on its iPhone lineup any longer, even though this lineup is majorly responsible for the company’s growth. On several occasions, it has been reported that Tim Cook is betting big on AR and a lot of features could also be incorporated in the upcoming iPhone 8. Regarding Apple’s AR glasses, it has been a clandestine project in our eyes and in the eyes of readers so right now we should just rely on reports from different sources. The latest one claims that the tech giant has been busy with its AR glasses for quite some time now but that does not mean that we will get to see the product this year.

Though the AR Glasses Project Has Been Reported to Be Working on for Some Time, a Product Announcement Might Not Happen Till 2018

This revelation comes to us courtesy of the Financial Times (via 9to5Mac) and details that Apple has been injecting a considerable amount of resources on AR-related products. Looks like the first fully functional one that we can lay our eyes will be the unnamed AR glasses. According to the source, Apple has currently declined to comment on what exactly it has been working on, but with the announcement of the iPhone 8, several other revelations could be traced regarding the headpiece.

Apple Rumored to Be Testing E-Ink Technology for Various Products, Including Foldable iPhones, iPads

Apple’s engineers are quite dexterous when it comes to cramming in impressive pieces of technology inside miniature products such as the AirPods and will be exciting to see what the company’s AR glasses are capable of when they are officially announced. Unfortunately, consumers who were waiting for a potential 2017 announcement are going to be left sorely disappointed because an unveiling might not happen until next year.

Additionally, no pricing details have been made available right now, so we do not know if it will carry a ludicrous price of Microsoft’s HoloLens or if will feature the same retail price as that of the base storage model of iPhone 7. If we come across further updates regarding this, we will definitely relay the information to you guys.

So far, are you excited for the potential launch of these AR glasses next year? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.