Apple Could Shift to an ‘All OLED iPhone Production’ Plan by 2019, According to Report


This year, reports and rumors have all pointed towards the announcement of not two, but three iPhones. Two of them are going to go through the regular phone cycling program, which is possibly the reason why Apple has been rumored to name them the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. However, the highlight of the September event is going to be iPhone 8, which is expected to be clad in a vibrant and colorful OLED display. 2019 is going to be a completely different year, however, and according to the latest report, all of Apple’s iPhone family will be touting OLED panel.

With the Help of Three Korean OLED Suppliers, Apple Has Been Reported to Gravitate to an ‘All OLED iPhone’ Family Starting From 2018

The report comes from The Bell (via Patently Apple), which broke the story stating that Interflex is going to be a new supplier for Apple. The manufacturer has plans to construct a new production facilitate that is expected to cost around $866 million. The other one will no doubt be Samsung; with the Korean giant having already struck a $4.3 billion USD deal with the California-based company for OLED production, one of the reasons why Apple might stick with Samsung is because it possesses a vast number of resources for OLED production.

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It has also been reported previously that by 2020, Samsung would possess more than 70 percent of the global smartphone AMOLED market, so there’s further evidence that Apple will continue to rely on it. The report also says that Apple is expected to adopt around 60 million units getting shifted to using OLED panels, meaning that the initial iPhone 8 shipments could mount to 60 million units, or in other words, 40 percent of the company’s entire shipments.

For 2019, it is expected to be a completely different story altogether, and if there are not any production hurdles being faced by Apple’s suppliers, we could see the tech giant shift all of its iPhones to sporting OLED displays for the foreseeable future.