Apple AirPods See Shipment Expedited By As Much As Two Weeks


Apple's AirPods have surrounded themselves in a mini controversy. The wireless buds are becoming a small embarrassment for the company. First,they saw delayed shipment and launch dates. Second, we also saw the AirPods receive a poor repairability rating by iFixit. In fact, this tear down also revealed manufacturing defects for the devices. Now, we've got some good news regarding the AirPods, specially if you've ordered a pair for yourself. Take a look below for more.

Apple AirPods Start Shipping Early To Customers After Six Week Period Reported By Company

As Apple's reported delivery time for the AirPods stretched to more than a month, users all around expressed dismay. After all, Cupertino drummed up a lot of customary hype around their launch and a delayed delivery meant fans wouldn't get to experience the touted features for themselves. However, now we're learning that a lot of lucky folks have started to see expedited shipping times for their earphones.

Macrumors reports that users have started to see their deliveries for Apple's AirPods speed up by two weeks. What's going on at Apple, we're not sure yet. At one end, the company posts remarkably long delivery dates for them. At the other, customers suddenly start to receive delivery notifications weeks prior to the reported time frames.

Apple AirPods shipped to US customers

"Just received my shipping notice for my AirPod order. The original delivery date was January 12, but it should arrive on December 28th." says one user. According to another, "Awesome, mine were scheduled for delivery on the 29th, but suddenly they are supposed to get here tomorrow, the 22nd." Looks like Apple's got its game together for the AirPods all of a sudden. These examples aren't isolated incidents, as the publication claims a lot of other readers also report similar events.

Have you ordered a pair of Apple's AirPods? Well, we'd advise you to take a look at expected shipping times as well. Maybe you'll be in luck as well. The earphones feature Apple's very own W1 chip, combined with a charging module which ensures up to 8 charging cycles before any sort of wireless connection is required. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments secton below and stay tuned for the latest.